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A guide to Wedding Services at Tahoe.

Weddings at Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the wedding and honeymoon capital of the west. Whether it be ministers, chapels, florists, photographers, videos, banquet facilities, music, or accommodation, Tahoe is well equipped to handle your needs in fine style!

Tahoe's chapels specialize in taking the stress out of getting married. You tell them where, when, and what services you need. Let them put it all together for you!  Unlike most churches which offer religious services to a large congregation, Tahoe's chapels specialize in weddings exclusively - 7 days a week and up to 14 hours a day. They can easily put together everything you need within your price range.  This includes special clothing and advice in addition to their other offerings.


Wed on the Lake! Pictured above, newlyweds aboard the Tahoe Queen married on the Lake.

By the time you consider all of the personalities, arrangements, and expenses involved in a "home-town" ceremony (which can sap all of the romance out of your special day), a custom ceremony arranged by very experienced professionals in a spectacular setting looks very attractive indeed!
Tacky? Not a chance! Tahoe's wedding services would have died years ago if this were the case. Instead, the wedding businesses at Tahoe provide a classy and realistic alternative in a very romantic setting. The artistic professionals who run them are masters at making your special day just that - special!

A state marriage license is required in order to be married in either Nevada or California. A Nevada license is $60 and no waiting period or blood tests are required. A certified copy is $15. The marriage license office is in the Douglas County municipal building (175 Highway 50, Stateline, NV 89449 775 586-7290 Hours: Monday thru Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday and Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday and holidays 9am to 5pm). The Douglas County building is 400 yards west of Lake Village on Highway #50. To obtain a marriage license, both parties must be present with valid photo ID (drivers license, passport, military ID, etc.). If either person is 16 or 17 years of age, consent of the legal guardian is required (in this circumstance, it is strongly recommended that the legal guardian show up in person - neither state is likely to issue a license on written consent only). Nevada marriage licenses are fully-recorded.

A California license varies from ~$65 to ~$90 depending on who issues it. The ministers, wedding chapels, and California notaries all issue state marriage licenses. There are two types: a "Confidential License" which is not completely recorded, and a "Fully-Recorded License" (same as Nevada's).

In both states, if your personal documentation is not 100% acceptable, you will be turned down.

80% of Tahoe weddings are on Saturdays or a few special days such as Feb 14. On particularly busy Saturdays, the popular chapels will have a wedding every half hour from early morning until late at night.  Our strong recommendation: you will get better pricing, better services, more time for your ceremony, and more personal attention if you pick any other day for your wedding!

Sunsets are the preferred time for weddings on the cruise boats. Pricing is lower if you select a day-time ceremony. And the photography is better too!

If Tahoe is your choice, you have picked one of the world's most spectacular settings for your wedding. There is no reason why you have to restrict yourself to a chapel for the ceremony. The ministers will come to your residence or to another location of choice - especially if it's NOT a Saturday! You can get married in your condo at Lake Village. Or at a waterfall. Or in the desert. At Emerald Bay. At Sand Harbor. Or on a cruise boat. Reverend John Pittman of Love's Wedding Chapel tells us that he has performed ceremonies at 10,000 feet on mountain tops as well as on kayaks in the middle of Lake Tahoe!

For the most part, Tahoe's chapels and wedding service providers perform non-denominational ceremonies. The following chart lists some of the local reliable chapels and contacts. Most have information that can be mailed to you if you wish. At any chapel, prices vary widely depending on the services you wish to include. If your group exceeds the size of the chapel, arrangements will be made by the chapel for alternate facilities.

We strongly recommend that you telephone as soon as you know your proposed date to book a service reservation time. Even with a license, it will be difficult to arrange a ceremony at the last minute particularly if there are more than eight persons in your party. A non-refundable deposit will secure a service reservation time for you at your selected facility.

While a casino may seem at variance with the nature of a wedding, their chapels provide a very complete and pleasing service. You may associate casinos with "velvet Elvis" florescent artwork and other garish decor, but Tahoe's casino chapels are very tastefully done. Aesthetics and thoughtful facilities are paramount at these privately-run chapels. The wedding service facilities and the dining areas are isolated and insulated from the gaming areas. As with any of the following chapels, if the chapel isn't large enough for your needs, the minister can locate an appropriate facility nearby.

The boats offer an attractive and unique alternative to church-style weddings. Services can be performed on shore or on the water. The paddle wheel boats (photo) have on-board banquet and dancing facilities.

Detailed information about Tahoe geography, weather, numerous tourist opportunities, and our comprehensive lodging services is available on our TAHOE GUIDE page.

Lake Village is a private condominium complex ideally located on the Heavenly Ski Resort trail map near Edgewood Golf Course and Tahoe's famous south shore casinos. All Village amenities are free (pool, tennis courts, barbecues, hot tub, clubhouse) for our rental guests.

Wedding Chapels

1 800, 1 888 = toll free

Distance from Lake Village



Chapels in Casinos





Harveys Wedding Chapel at Stateline, NV

1 800 553 1022
1 775 588 2411
Rev. Ron Sayed
Rev. Dave Beronio

0.8 miles west

2 - 50+

Highly rated

Wedding Chapel at Montbleu Tahoe at Stateline, NV

1 800 833 4422
1 775 588 4422
Dave Anderson or phone contact

0.7 miles west


Very tasteful amenities.

Chapel at the Horizon at Stateline, NV

1 800 567 1162
1 775 588 1162
Mary, or Rev. Wayne Hunton

0.7 miles west

2 - 70+

Traditional chapel style. Moderately priced.

Weddings on Cruiseships





M.S. Dixie II (paddlewheel boat) at Zephyr Cove Marina, NV

1 775 588 3508
Group Sales

3.5 miles north

2 - 500

Voted best boat cruise

Tahoe Queen (paddlewheel boat) at Ski Run Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA

1 800 238 2463
1 530 541 3364
Lori Cramer or
Cori Lentine

2.5 miles west

2 to 300

Large paddle wheel boat

Woodwind II (sailboat) at Zephyr Cove Marina, NV

1 888 867 6394
1 775 588 3000
Valerie or Wendy

3.5 miles north

2 - 50

Intimate private charters

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