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Lake Tahoe (pronounced "TAW-ho") is one of the world's largest and most beautiful mountain lakes. The lake is twenty-two miles long, twelve miles wide (35 km X 20 km) and straddles the California and Nevada borders at an elevation of 6200' (1800 m).  The lake is formed by unusual geography: water is trapped in a deep valley by a ring of mountains which prevent melting snow from escaping. The only outlet is the Truckee River at the northwest corner of the lake. This mountain-ring watershed or "Tahoe basin" accumulates lake water 1600' deep and holds a sufficient supply to cover the entire state of California a foot deep! Lake Tahoe is not a salt lake. Its water is cold and fresh, but never freezes over.

Lake Tahoe's reputation as the "crown jewel" of American lakes is well deserved. The azure-blue lake is surrounded by scenic mountains, pristine forested slopes, world-class ski resorts, thirty golf courses, hundreds of miles of hiking & mountain biking trails, horse trails, paved cycling and rollerblading routes, beaches, and more. You can hike or ride into several nature preserves including "Desolation Wilderness", a 63,000 acre (25,000 hectare) roadless expanse of peaks, canyons, and 70 alpine lakes. Camera buffs will be thrilled with the scenic opportunities including the much photographed  Emerald Bay.  Or go fishing in Tahoe's streams or by charter on the lake.

An accommodation tahoe vacation rental guest cools off in a mountain pool on a Cascade Falls hike.

An Accommodation Tahoe guest cools off in a mountain pool during a hike at Horsetail Falls.  Think melted snow!

Besides nature's finest scenery, Lake Tahoe has numerous other attractions for the vacationer.  The Nevada south shore has the classiest casinos in the country where well-known entertainers perform.  You will be minutes from Virginia City - a preserved mining town of the Old West.  Locations are on our golf map and our ski map. You can  get married on one of the authentic paddle wheel boats or sailing vessels in the middle of the lake!  In fact, Tahoe is the wedding/honeymoon capital of the American West!  Click here for details on weddings at Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe Area offers a wide range of activities for the vacationers. You will find world class golf 365 days a year as well as, hiking, biking, fishing, touring, horseback riding, and hockey.   Winter brings the snow sports and there’s no better place for skiing, snowmobiling, or snowshoe activities.  The summer season offers beach and water sports like kyaking and parasailing.   Incline Village hosts the annual theatrical event Shakespeare on the Beach with daily performances mid-July through mid-August.  

Lake Tahoe has something for you all year long! It enjoys strong contrasts between winter and summer.  The area receives 25 feet (7 meters) of snow on average each winter but the summers are dry. While winter temperatures drop to -20F (-25C) on rare occasions, a typical winter day is sunny with the temperature hovering near the freezing point. But when snow comes down, it can accumulate quickly! In recent years, we have seen nine feet (3 m) fall in twenty-four hours (Christmas '96) and sixteen feet in one week! Nine feet came down on November 10th.  A skier's dream! Tahoe snow is moist, packs well for skiers, and is affectionately known as "Sierra Cement"! With this good snow pack, the ski season sometimes extends into July! Ever wonder where they took those pictures of skiers in bikinis?

By spring, the day temperature is 50 to 60F (10 to 15C). Late spring, summer, and fall offer warm, dry weather with typical day temperatures around 80F (27C). Night temperatures usually drop into the fifties. Combined with very low humidity, its a golfer's dream! Air conditioning isn't needed at Tahoe with the very dry air and cool evenings.

Not atypical "sun" resorts a Tahoe vacation rental guest enjoys a summer hike.  Pictured left a guest pauses to enjoy the view on a hot June day.  Notice the snow still on the mountain and the hiker still in short pants.  Snow fights on a hike in June are one of the many unusual treats of a Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation.

Winter or summer, 80% of the days at Tahoe offer brilliant sunshine. With high altitude and low humidity, the warm seasons at Tahoe are refreshingly comfortable. It's a perfect place to tan! Tahoe seldom experiences the extreme heat and humidity of typical "sun" resortsPictured left a guest pauses to enjoy the view on a hot June day.  Notice the snow still on the mountain and the hiker still in short pants.  Snow fights on a hike in June are one of the many unusual treats of a Lake Tahoe Summer Vacation.

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