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KIRKWOOD SKI RESORT, located on the western and southern slopes of a high canyon west of Carson Pass, is the experts' choice at Lake Tahoe. Much of the canyon rim is black, up-thrust lava. The resort is noted for lots of snow, short lift lines, sunshine, cornices, and a great collection of steep chutes. Partly due to its higher altitude, Kirkwood gets more snow and deeper powder than other regional ski resorts. Intermediates and beginners adore the forested lower glades and the enormous back bowl! Experts delight in the steep chutes, cornices and fabulous bump runs. Kirkwood's groomers roll a portion of selected steep trails each night to open them up for stronger intermediates. They also build jumps and pipes for boarders. Kirkwood is run by dedicated skiers and it shows!

Kirkwood's ski season is from first snowfall to mid May. Note the date of the photo below, 75% of the seasons, Kirkwood wins the snow depth championship for North America.  The base facilities are second-to-none and nonsmokers will appreciate the restrictions!  Try the barbecue lunch outside in the sunshine.

Kirkwood is a very relaxed resort. Groups and families can split up without the feeling that someone is lost or in trouble. Which means that everyone has a good time on the snow! Bring your camera for some fabulous shots from the top of the rim.

Kirkwood is 25 miles (40 km) from our condos at Lake Village. See our ski map for the location of Kirkwood and other Tahoe resorts.


kirkwood0 Resort Ski Map just 45 minutes from Accommodation Tahoe's vacation rentals.
aCCOMMODATION tAHOE OWNER EXPERIENCES Great Powder this day at Kirkwood October 30th, 2004

Vacation Tahoe owner experiences a Great Powder Day at Kirkwood October 30th, 2004



Ski Map showing Kirkwood's location with links to other Tahoe ski resorts.

Ski Lift Ticket discounts for Kirkwood and other Tahoe ski resorts.

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